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PROJECTS (NEW) - My longterm projects for dabbling with technology

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This website has been created to house my own projects alongside technical troubleshooting information for automotive and information technologies. I frequently post repair guides for Volkswagen vehicles, the most common repair guides this site holds are for the Volkswagen Golf MK5 repairs, it is the PQ35 platform car which is covered across many cars within the VAG family. I am a keen and avid DIY fan always aiming to save money when working on my vehicles. You can browse the categories on this website to find something you are looking for.

If you browse around the sections at the top of the page, I have broken things down into the categories, the two most heavily viewed categories are my documentation for Automotive and Computer subjects. In these categories I link to my Youtube channel which has a breakdown of all my how-to's and general things you can do to save you money in the long-run.

I'm a member of various Volkswagen forums and own a full VACCOM unit made by ross-tech allowing me to scan my car for various fault codes on it