Well, I've got a life story like most other people. What can I say about me as a person, I like to be happy and enjoy life. I may seem a boring arse at times, but I'm naturally content. I'm a 30 year old Aquarian living in the North East of England, cue the random Geordie/Mackem stuff, enjoy life "up north" and wouldn't change it for the world. Maybe the place I live in :)

I've always worked within the IT Sector or tried to focus my knowledge in this sector.I grew up in a loving family, I've lost my dad to cancer so like to participate towards curing in by taking part in a project called Folding@Home, this is a project which uses unused computer power from your computer towards genetic research and resolving issues with cancer.

I'm a real kid at heart and absolutely love cartoons, my favourites being Tom & Jerry and Looney Toons. I could watch them all day and they really grab my attention so much to the point that I sometimes zone out when watching them and have zero attention span to anything else but I'm doing no harm so nothing wrong with it.I'm also a dog lover, I grew up with Golden Retrievers so they're definately my favourite. Loyal, loveable and heartwarming animals to play with. They're definately family dogs and for life when you live with them. I've also thought about owning a military McCaw, never really thought of birds to start with but they have loveable personalities too and birds are definately lifelong animals as they can outlive their owners!

I like to play games on the PC and PS3, PS4, primarily focussing on genres like Action, FPS, Survival Horrors and Strategy, favourite games being Battlefield, God of War, Mortal Kombat, Infamous, Prototype and the Dead Space series. My favourite games are definately Dead Space, I love the on edge effect it gives you when you're clinging to life from an assault of monsters ready to kill you

Recently, in my spare time, I don't do much but I like to focus on making videos for my Youtube channel and designing my website. I really love working with cars and computers so I make videos for Youtube and monetise them. Monetising them helps support me making more videos and gains me a small amount of profit each time I'm helped out on the videos so I can get paid some money for a living whilst enjoying it at the same time. As for my cars, I love to drive them, my favourite being a Lancer Evolution and I will eventually own one. I like to participate and give back to communities too that's why I like making tutorial videos for Youtube and help out people on VW Forums and MSE Forums to provide advice for people to save money.

I am currently working on improving my IT Skills through projects and developing my knowledge, I will be looking at carrying out freelance webdesign, webhosting and IT support for future projects. One of the main problems I encounter whilst working with this website is that I have a dynamic IP address. As such I have to look at solutions for email hosting, IP address changes and software updates. At some point I'll be building a low power, high performance computer to host in a datacentre of my choice powered by low volt ram, xeon CPUs and SSD hard drives. I want full control of everything with my website so would prefer paying for all hosting myself, that way I can develop the website, buy all the software and run as required.

This website is used to store my own photo collections, car tutorials and discuss everything in my blog that I feel is valud or worthy of talking about.