I help pay for my website through hosting fees, however the money you earn from ebay partner network is rubbish

So if you sell products or services for products on my website and would like to form a direct partnership please get in touch. I tend to get around £0.10 to £2.00 commission for anything I sell via ebay which is pathentic, you can see below the sales I've made to date and the earnings I've made since I started with EPN in July 2016, over the period of approx 36 months I'm averaging around £4.59 in earnings from EPN but driving close to £100 p/m in sales.

An additional note: my website isn't currently optimised, and I'm developing a lot more content for it and delving more and more into optimisation each month. At the moment I'm only doing a 10% conversion rate, so there's a large amount of potential once I work out what's increasing these profits. I'd rather market directly with people if selling products on my website (either through affiliate links or the store), as I'm putting my own name on this, it will be very selective on who I choose.

I'm driving a large amount of sales to ebay sellers as you can see, and to me I'd rather making £1-2 or £10 profit directly selling an item for someone than what I'm being paid now. Traffic on my website is increasing every month so this only gets better, and once I release a new website design (currently it's not optimised for mobile usage) I expect the sales to increase




01-01-16 to 31-12-16 £113.93 £5.91 (5.19%)
01-01-17 to 31-12-17 £686.20 £33.95 (4.95%)
01-01-18 to 31-12-18 £2302.89 £100.75 (4.37%)
2019 to date £458.50 £24.67 (5.38%)




Get in touch. I'll be happy to hear from you if I like your products


If the store below isn't displaying, you can access it via the following link

OK, lets face it. People don't like adverts, I don't like adverts, but for people like me who run this site and make an honest living they really help me out with covering fees and simply topping up my earnings for the time it takes to produce these documents and make a living. Anyway, I didn't want to go spamming links left right and centre all over my site - although I am strategically placing them but trying to keep it as minimal as possible, I decided a better way would be simply to create a page showing all my adverts I'm running rather than cover all my site with them. That way there is no deliberate in your face ads but a section where people can view them if they want to.

People should have freedom of choice, and I'm hoping this gives it. I'm not breaking my terms of service with any of my revenue sharing companies because I'm merely posting a page with the content and keeping it all in one place and my site clutter free. I will be modifying this page as I go along when I find ads what work best for me personally