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OK, lets face it. People don't like adverts, I don't like adverts, but for people like me who run this site and make an honest living they really help me out with covering fees and simply topping up my earnings for the time it takes to produce these documents and make a living. Anyway, I didn't want to go spamming links left right and centre all over my site - although I am strategically placing them but trying to keep it as minimal as possible, I decided a better way would be simply to create a page showing all my adverts I'm running rather than cover all my site with them. That way there is no deliberate in your face ads but a section where people can view them if they want to.

People should have freedom of choice, and I'm hoping this gives it. I'm not breaking my terms of service with any of my revenue sharing companies because I'm merely posting a page with the content and keeping it all in one place and my site clutter free. I will be modifying this page as I go along when I find ads what work best for me personally


There's not much I've seen on here, one which caught my attention the first time around and the second time and each time I've viewed it has been the Wise Technician course of adverts - he's an honest IT Technie like me. Wants to help the public, but also wants to make a living. I kind of aspire to be in his position really, he's operating a nice business so wouldn't mind getting to his point. He gives a great video series and runs a podcast channel on Youtube. One set worth looking into

One of the best sources of information I've used for generating my website (when building v3) is Greg Davis and his series of web design courses. They are very informative and easy to understand. I have personally watched and subscribed to his Youtube channel and regularly review the videos. I'm relatively new to web design but his instructions were very clear to understand and made it very simple to follow instructions