I decided to do some live coding and implemented the new website design ahead of schedule. I will be monitoring the 404 errors on the website to quickly identify problematic links so it doesn't hurt my google scores

Items on the to do list

  • Create CSS code for webprinting {not started}
  • Create CSS for mobile browsing {75% complete}
  • Create a PHP contact form {not started}
  • Fix all 404 errors {underway}
  • Recreate new sitemap {not started}
  • Create microformats {not started}
  • Create dublin core {100% complete}


Current site template design for v3 website underway. I've added the drop down menus and basic style layout. Currently implementing breadcrumb navigation, rss syndication, mobile web feed setup, dublin core, microformats and mobile web browsing to optimise my site for a better user experience. Additionally I'll be adding easy print CSS coding to make my websites easier to understand when printed out


Shopping cart (zencart) being added, currently products are being tested, not live yet will be underway


Added sftp, ssl and torrents support to website