Welcome to this page, I passed my test when I was 20 and since then I've only ever driven 5 cars, a lot of the forum user names I created were focussed around my first car I used to love it. The cars I've had over the years were as follows and some comments I had about them. For the most newer cars I've added some technical documents to my Youtube videos and download section on common faults that occur with the cars and how to resolve them (or possible solutions to attempt to fix them). I'm a lot more mechanically savvy now so I'm not afraid to do things myself on cars. Although note to self, any auto-electrical work, remember to disconnect batteries first. Me and electricity don't mix well :O)

Peugeot 306 XLDT

My first car on passing my test at 20 (I think!), this model has a 1.9 Turbo Charged Engine via a Lucas Fuel Pump (Bosch ones were better although these I believe were only fitted to the DTurbos (3-door)). I was happy when I bought the car because it was my first car, got screwed on prices when I first bought it (think it was £3500 at the time) and £1500 for insurance on the thing (TPF&T) but I was happy paying it because I had my eyes set on the car, and quite frankly it had more performance than other shitty cars that was recommended for those who had just passed their driving tests!

In terms of performance the car had 92hp and I think 155lb/ft of torque, it fairly hauled arse and was good for towing. These cars are reliable when driven, being young and stupid I risked my lifes multiple times the way I used to drive the car and calling back to it can't believe the things I used to do. When I was into my cars and the whole "cruising" scene I was regularly driving around locally and did around 27,000 miles in 6 months (and around £200+) in fuel of my first week of owning the car. Naturally I wanted faster being a car modifier and made the fatal flaw of thinking I new it all, fucked on with the engine timing and screwed around with the hard rev limiter on the Peugeot (was mechanical fuel injection on these things not electronic) I drove very fast and driving home @ 30mph the engine just ground to a halt

Long story short, I had the car towed to a garage, I found out my antics had destroyed the entire turbo and top half of the engine, I paid £1500 to get the engine rebuilt (only 52,000 miles on failure)... note to all you n0000bs who think of rebuilding, it's USUALLY cheaper to swap the engine than rebuild it, only recommend rebuilding if you're good with a spanner or know you can do it cheaper! Anyway, I had the engine rebuilt, after 1.5 months of the car off the road I got it back (weird feeling when driving too) drove it around and probably the same day the engine overheated and seized, needless to say I broke down in tears and sold the car in parts suffering a major heartbreak and a loss of probably £6000-7000 in car, labour, engine repairs. So a warning to all you know-it-alls, reap what you sew. Look after your car, it will look after you!

Ford Fiesta 1.1

Didn't have much money after the incident with my Peugeot so about 3 months later I bought the cheapest car I could afford (think it was £400) and the same price to insure the thing. Anyway, I can't really fault this car, an old 95 M-Reg, I was a lot more respectful and it ran on fresh air, no matter how little in the tank. The engine was a bit shitty req'd a mobile mechanic to clean it and I'm not / wasn't technically savvy at the time and got it up and running. Only reason I got rid of it was quite frankly it was like an elephant in a match box I was tiny, oh and the fact that come MOT time the engine failed on emissions probably due to piston ring wear and being a complete rot box, so it was scrapped (I think can't remember now)

Nissan Primera 2.0 SE

My second car following getting rid of the Fiesta, I had this car for nearly 2-3 years, EXCELLENT all around motor, I bought it for £300 and quite frankly wasn't going to argue, it had 191,000 miles on it when I bought it and 210,000 when I scrapped it. Full electrics, full leather and a aggressive look (I love the front ends of cars the old P10 Nissan Primeras and the fronts on 306 DTurbos (square fogs) they appeal to me) anyway, the engine was a 2 litre, not too bad on economy, but the car was a bastard for snapping exhausts. Was so damn low as standard, kept pissing me off. I'd definately have another one of these cars, engine was done via a timing chain so always best performance and never used a single drop of oil / water. Brilliant motor and if you can ignore the old mans image, these things are quite poky for their size (especially the GT and SRi) I believe the old P10 eGT had an 8500 redline!

VW Passat 3B/B5 TDI Sport

My next replacement car after scrapping the Primera and quite frankly my first experience into VW ranges. I've always loved the VAG family (ever since Herbie!) and will still do. The old cars like this one are reliable as shit and you can't fault them for reliability. Only thing I'd warn you is to make sure you get a one which has LOTS of service history or you're asking for problems with the motor. My Passat had none, in terms of reliable the car never broke down once. I paid £1500 for the vehicle, with 147,000 miles on it, stopped driving at 183,000 miles due to the vehicle showing major signs of headgasket failure. I'm currently stripping it down to sell for spares or repairs. The vehicle was still running when I stopped using it, but it was costing more money to repair so in the long run I got a new motor. Mine was the AFN Engine, they're WIDELY reliable if maintained, I neglected maintenance on mine (did nearly 30k with no oil change and not realising it), towing my brothers VXR home and a vehicle with limp mode problems (due to turbo vanes jammming) - see what I warned you earlier about the cars. End result was an overheated engine (first time ever) this is I believe what screwed the engine up, causing it to overheat and warp the head. I'm going to strip the engine down to inspect it. As for performance, the car had 110hp and 173lb/ft of torque as standard, fairly quick. Never bothered fixing the limp mode issues. Watch out for water ingress faults too ;o)

VW Golf GT-TDI 140 MK5 (Service History for VW Golf MK5) - (Technical Data for Car) (If you need to buy parts)

This vehicle is no longer owned by me as of 17/10/18, another driver collided into it when I was going home. The steering on the car was damaged. The car insurance wrote the vehicle off as a total loss. I was paid the "market" value of the car for it's age and mileage £1607.00, but I couldn't buy the car back because it was a total loss. If by some miracle you're the owner of this car (and the insurance lied to me), don't strip the vehicle yet. Put it on the road if you can. The majority of the damage was taken by side impact, which translated into the steering when the car hit the kerb. I decided not to fix it because the tracking was out on the car, and the steering rack made clunking noises. The risk is yours! - Needless to say, I'm gutted.

The newest car I have to date (54-plate) and still it's 12 years old! Bought the car with 39,000 miles on it, cost me £7000 and it has full dealer history from new. I scanned it with VAGCOM and 0 faults!
I bought this car after owning my Passat and wanted something from the Volkswagen range, I wanted something reliable for work and VW still has good reliability. The car has a really good performance figures although the handling is a bit shit in my opinion. Factory figures are 140hp and 255lb/ft torque (although values on the web suggest it's nearer 150 standard). I'm going to get the car rolling road for a bassline performance and then get a Superchip Bluefin installed, this should take it to nearly 180hp and 300lb/ft torque. I drive like a grandad but I'm not afraid to put my foot down. Most MPG I've ever gained has been around 72mpg (driving very gently, no harsh acceleration etc) at @ 13'c. Normal day to day B-Road driving I get about 52mpg average and around 48mpg on motorways / dual carriageways. I bought this car over the 170hp version because I'd read there is negligble difference between the 140/170 but my primary concern was the 170 had issues with injector recall and also the DPF filters are bastards. For reference however these cars aren't fault free, they do suffer from bad ECU Maps, Injector Faults and Electrical gremlins but I'll come to that when I cross it. My car has a hot-start issue, but I don't really power cycle the engine much when hot so hasn't really bothered me yet and superchipping them sometimes fixes it. A car review is coming up on my Youtube channel in the upcoming future for the golf so watch out for it. I'm always adding technical VW documents to my site aswell.

Nissan Almera Pulse - 1.5 Petrol

After my VW Golf was written off, I wanted a cheap run about