SO57RMX - Maintenance Record

Article Date: 19/03/10
Vehicle Sold Date :


Due to the Almera's gearbox deciding to shit itself whilst I was going to fill it up recently I needed a new vehicle.

I actually think the thrust bearing failed on the clutch (or the bearings themselves). However I've had the vehicle on/off the road for constant repairs and don't want to keep spending money. So I'd rather put it to the graveyard in the sky. The Almera was the same age as the Golf, but the VW was built to a higher standard and felt more high-tech. The Almera was just shit.

Anyway. The new car is an Audi A3 2.0 SE Sportback (8P Platform). It's running the same BKD engine that was in my Golf so servicing wise I already know how to maintain these things. I'll find any gremlins with the vehicle when I buy it, since VW seem to collect them over time. In terms of overall driveability, the vehicle feels very comfortable and has a lively pickup. Mechanically the car has been well looked after from what I can see and has had some big numbers spent over the years on it, so that made me happy. Every car I was looking at I reviewed the previous MOT's. You can generally form an idea of how well the vehicle has been maintained by what's failed on it.

Incase you're wondering, every VAG based car you buy has what's called option codes. These are all the installed extras / available extras you can purchase or standard equipment codes for that model of car.
You can input these online ( and it will show you everything your car has installed. You can find the sticker in either your booklet from the dealership, or the spare wheel well.

This is a list of my Vehicle Option Codes

Mileage Date Type Description Cost
119,515 19/03/20 PURCHASE Purchased vehicle from a local car sales place (DH Car Sales) £2000.00
Previous Owner History
Please note, the below is history that was with the car prior to my purchase, I'm just recording it for information purposes for future owners if it gets lost and to document how this car has been maintained over it's life. I actually have the names of possibly 3 previous owners in the history, it would be nice if they had more of the history for the vehicle. I won't disturb them however. I plan on doing my own servicing (Fixed oil changes rather than Longlife). The parts that were replaced on this car helped me decide I was going to buy it. As you can see there doesn't appear to be any history showing timing belt replaced, so I'll be booking this into Darcy's ASAP to get a new one for my own piece of mind
114,195 21/09/19 Repair Supply and fit rear pads and N/S rear brake caliper (Mickley Garage) £157.74
111,016 11/07/19 Repair Radiator replacement and antifreeze (Mickley Garage) £274.76
104,147 09/01/19 Service Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Fuel Conditioner, New Sump Plug (Mickley Garage) £221.90
91,775 21/06/17 Repair New Camshaft Sensor (Mickley Garage) 2.5 hrs labour for this suggests this must be a pig of a job to do £191.12
91,251 29/03/17 Repair

Tandem Fuel Pump Replaced, Fuel Filter Replaced, Diesel Flush (Airboune Motor Engineers)

Just as a note here, I never encountered this issue on my Golf. However the tandem pump failing appears to be common on Audi A3 TDI. They seem to fail around every 30-50k miles. The most common sign is oil in the fuel filter housing and a glow plug light appears on the dashboard with the car going into limp-mode and juddery. I'll keep an eye on it for mine and budget for it. Or at least to watch out for as oil will contaminate the fuel system and can knacker up the injectors or in worse case can cause a Diesel Runaway.

Here's a better video of Diesel Runaway

Regardless, if your vehicle suffers runaway, stall it (CO2 in the intake, block it off, dump the clutch in 6th gear, pull the fuel pump fuse). Another cause could be injector O-Rings, but apparently the tandem pump is easier to replace. If you want to do this as a preventative measure, it may be worth sending an Oil Sample to a company whenever you do a service (say every 10-20,000 miles) to test for contaminants. As a preventative measure, some people use Liquid Moly Fuel Purge with an inline filter to clean their engine out

88,661 09/11/16 Repair/Service Service (Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter), 4 New Tyres, New Rear Brake Pads, OSR Brake Caliper Changed (Airbourne Motor Engineers) £488.51
26,161   Service Oil Change - (Autocare Garage Services)  
14,130 11/01/11 MOT/Service Oil Change [Oil Filter, Sump Plug, Oil - 5w/40 Quantum Platinum - (Whitehill AUDI) £129.00
9,825 19/01/10 Service Oil Change [Oil Filter, Oil- 5w/40 Platinum, Sump Plug, Pollen Filter] - (Whitehill AUDI) £98.99
4,983 19/01/09 Service Longlife Oil Change [Oil, Sump Plug, Oil Filter - (Edinburgh AUDI) £0.00
   Total Maintenance Costs : £ = £ per month maintenance
Total Upgrade Costs : £
Time : years, months
Total Mileage driven since purchasing car: miles

Total Money Spent on Car + Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades: £

CURRENT FAULTS / ISSUES (Or future jobs to do)

These are the current faults / issue that I've found since scanning the car. I'm expecting the cars got a few electrical gremlins as I spotted some when inspecting the car. I'm not going to argue with it though, you can't expect something perfect for £2000, but I'm happy with the vehicle and I'll get these sorted out. Mechanically VAG cars are OK, modern ones are normally more electrical faults than mecahnical ones

1st Vagcom Scan (20/03/20) - Result, not bad, two faults highlighted. Both of them appear to be related to the ignition switch which seems iffy on these cars and a common fault. So eventually replacement needed. Otherwise, I'm seriously impressed. I thought there would be more faults on the car than this. The part number appears to be 1K0905849B or a variant (around £40). So I'll be replacing this at some point in the near future so that the car is clear of all fault codes