Changing wiper blades on a Volkswagen Golf MK5

One of those jobs you need to do from time to time, when carrying out maintenance on your car is replacing the wiper blades. People don't realise that badly worn wiper blades result in poor cleaning performance of the windscreen of the car. As such if you neglect to replace the wipers on your car. There will be a poor cleaning performance on the windscreen which can result in potentially fatal incidents due to reduced visibility. They don't often need changing, and you can expand their lifetimer by using vinegar on the blades themselves, for the price of a new set however, it's best to consider purchasing them in order to make sure your vehicle is in top condition


wiper set 102

Once I had determined the wipers required for my car were side loading ones. I set off to a car accessory store to purchase the parts. The parts I purchased were from a UK store. Halfords, they were SET102, which was a drivers/passenger wiper blade set and were side loading.

The best thing to do is take the wiper inside the car store if you are not sure and you can easily open the boxes and inspect them to make sure they match up. The genuine OEM wipers had larger backs on them but the wipers themselves had the same fitment and size.

They cost me £29.99 in the UK for the set and are a direct replacement for OEM wipers of the car

If you've ever tried to change the wipers on these cars you will notice that the wiper arms catch up on the bonnet when the wipers are down in there base position. As the bonnet prevents any further movement of the wipers

You can't change the wipers like you would a normal car when they're resting. The wipers like most thing Volkswagen have to be put into a service position. This then allows you to change the wiper blades on a the car.


accessories-live ignition-off

To put the wipers in the service position, you have to power cycle the vehicle ignition without actually starting the car so some power is delivered to the wiper motors and the car knows they're going into a service position.

In order to do this turn the key to the accessories position of the ignition. For reference, this is the position where all your dashboard lights come on.

After you have turned it to the accessories position, turn the ignition off for the vehicle

When the keys have been removed push down on the wiper stalk, you will then see the wiper blades move up and stay there. The wipers are now inthe position for the wiper blades to be changed without affecting or colliding with the bonnet itself.
stalk push
wiper service position

This is what the wipers will look like on your car after the above stage. When the wipers are in the service position as such, you can then change them. They won't activate until the next time the wipers are cycled on the car.

The wipers won't go down until power cycled so if you accidentily knock the wiper mechanism it won't rotate back down and mess up your bonnet ***

** - Haven't actually tested this, so if it breaks don't blame me

When they're in the service position. You can then raise the wiper blades by lifting them away from the windscreen of the car. The wiper blades will change like a traditional wiper which is where you lift them away from the screen and change them over
wiper raised
rotate wiper
On my specific model the wiper blades are side loading. Which means they're on a small rod held in place by a pin. To change the wiper blades on a the Golf MK5 you rotate the wiper blade backwards away from the screen after you lift it up as such
You then pull the rod away from the stalk after rotating it, it's held on a pin, picture as follows. Keep pulling and it will be removed
side load
Installation is just a case of fitting the new pin on. Remember to measure up the wiper blades against your old ones to find out which is which. The wiper on the drivers side is 600mm, the drivers side wiper is always the longest due to covering the biggest area of visibility as required

When both wipers have been changed. Turn the keys to accessories live position, push down once more on the wiper stalk and the wipers will return to their normal positions.

ignition on