Welcome to the projects directory. Every now and then I get an idea, sometimes I like to act on it, sometimes I just want to see if I can get something working or if it's going to be a complete failure overall. You never know until you try. I'm fairly technical so can understand things and I LOVE researching new problems and situations.

I'm also adding this to the site to develop my knowledge. You never know when it's useful to have some knowledge on a specific area. It allows me to make use of all the old materials I have gathered just lying around sitting there with nothing to do

Projects here may take time to be updated, either because something else kept me busy. I hit a problem I couldn't solve or I'm working on them and researching. Either way, I welcome any support or advice with the projects and will work on it if given. I just want to document them incase anyone ever has the same idea and decides to try and implement it themselves or hit a snag

Please do read the above. I work on these in my spare time, as little projects. I'd like to go into them more, but without solid donations I can't develop them fast. I spend with my own money as I go along. Hence why I make youtube videos when they're complete and as I progress. It helps me raised the funds I need for the project


RFID Scanner (Incomplete)


The purpose of this project was to understand and build a DIY handheld ID scanner for the car. The primary function of this is for when finding lost dogs so I can scan their chips. I know I can buy one online for cheaper or the same price, but this was so I can learn the concept behind their construction and creating one myself


Induction Loop (Incomplete)



Space Balloon (Incomplete)



Vehicle Ramps (Incomplete)


These ramps were created so that I could lift by car off the ground completely and suspend it in mid air for when I want to work on it or underneath it. I wanted a strong stable surface to work with