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Personal Web Store

Hello, and welcome to my webstore

I use this section of my website, to sell products relevant to repairs with articles I have posted on my website. If you're stuck on what to buy, the chances are it's in this page. They are all sourced from distributors and competitively priced. 

I wanted to sell them via my website rather than eBay, because eBay tends to have a lot more competition and it's harder promoting your products, also eBay fees are extortionate which means you lose out on more money. This website I only pay 2 fees (Postage and Packaging, and Paypal seller fees). Everything else is in my control

How do I differ?

--> I'm based in the UK

You benefit from fast shipping, and actual tracking. All the products I use I ship with UK couriers (Royal Mail, DPD, UPS, etc) - sometimes I will use myHermes for really heavy parcels, but I rarely use them because of bad experiences. I'm currently trying to source an alternative to using them. As I'm based in the UK, it also means you don't have to wait for weeks-month to receive your item (IF) you actually do. Normally products I ship are delivered in days. 

--> The products I sell are good quality. Chinese products are hit and miss , you either get a gem, or a paperweight. 

Chinese products are normally inferior in quality. Any products I source are all tested to relevant safety standards so know it's reliable

--> All my products come written in actual English, not broken English.

Which means you will be able to understand them and actually use them 

I've made sure to offer Paypal on this website, so people feel more confident buying the products from me. 

Please note, this store is ONLINE ONLY, whilst I have the products in stock having people come to my house constantly is not convenient for me as I work full time, and this website is only a personal one. It  would mean I'd have a whole other headache in relation to business selling. So I'd rather keep it online for now.

Feel free to browse other sections on the website. I am directly listing products for businesses local to the UK to help drive traffic and build up some networking sources. It's a win-win, I make a small profit. They build their business(es) and I develop more traffic to my site which helps increase it. 

Lastly, there's an odds and sods section, this is just my online car boot sale, where I sell anything unwanted