I recently purchased an Edimax N300 Universal Wi-Fi Extender (EW-7438RPn) to hopefully boost the wireless signal around my household. There is only a small distance between the floors, it's a standard 2 storey house, but the signal I could obtain when upstairs was somewhere in the region of -70 to -80dbM of signal strength

I decided to have a browse through Maplins website and came across this item, and decided to give it a try. It's priced at £49.99 from Maplins electronics, there are cheaper items but it was the first one I came across and decided to buy it out to test it and see what it was like.

Overall the piece of equipment is fairly good, I had a couple of minor niggles when setting it up which I'll detail later but overall I liked it albeit it's a little pricey equipment wise for something to extend the wireless around your household, but if access is limited or budget is limited it makes a cheap replacement for the powerline kits.

When you first receive the box you are granted with the following...

A nice package showing a basic content and what it's capabities are and what you can expect inside.

When I first setup the equipment. I made a complete derp of myself, I assumed it works like POE (power over ethernet) but the device even during setup physically requires you to plug it into a power source. The instructions actually show you this in a very bad representation of a power socket, but it's there at least.

Once I solved the intial configuration of actually getting the thing powered up. I logged into the web interface for the device and went through the setup procedure. Basically the default configuration for the device connects to your wireless, and acts as a secondary wireless access point. I didn't understand when it was setup whilst I was getting a crappy wireless strength until I realised there was a secondary WAP point I had to connect to

Now, when I first purchased this equipment the problem I encountered was it wasn't accepting the username/password connection for my wireless even though I knew they were correct. I was using the default conifguration setup option for the equipment. Once I setup the connection manually using the encryption option I think it was WPA2 from memory (second one down in the setup screen it worked fine)

Overally not a bad piece of equipment, but once I develop my home IT setup I'm probably going to buy some high powered Cisco WAPs or some POE WAP points with some wifi extenders so I can get a really high strength in my house, garden, street, etc