OK, I've recently purchased a Cisco Catalyst 2950 for my home IT network setup, it's a 24-port 10/100 switch with 2xGBIC ports.

This will be useful for developing my own Cisco lab aswell as providing network connectivity to the rest of my server room. I can use it to develop my experience in configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco devices and gives me some new technology to play about with.

If you receive a new switch it will most likely be without a configuration. Luckily the switches have an express setup so you can at least give it a basic configuration. I'm learning as I go so some of this stuff is basic, but it will at least help point you in the right direction.

I have been using the switch currently for 3 days which I am developing as part of my home Cisco lab and so far I'm catching on quite well, through basic explorations and usage of the help command I'm starting to grasp a firm understanding. They are complete basic commands what I'm using but I'm learning well what parts of the Cisco IOS you need to be logged into to use the commands on the Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch.

The Switch is a very powerful piece of a equipment. Current it is now configured as part of my home network. The switch has my internet feed in from my BT infinity delivered to switch port 24 (fa0/24) - FA is basically a short name for fastethernet, it's a unique code because all the others are fe and fu so you don't have to enter the full string. After this the switch is configured with it's own IP address and subnet, I then have the switch ports configured on vlan1 (default) to supply the network connections on auto-duplex 100mbps speeds to my local LAN.

I now have a 24-port Cisco Catalyst which will allow me to instantly connect multiple PC's into my home network as and when I need to use them


I will be developing m home IT and cisco lab so keep tuned to these pages for further progression