I wanted to have my own dedicated room just for gaming, computers and IT stuff throughout my household. I'm using it as a project centre for development of my IT skills are mainly for fun. As I grew up with technology I'm very fond of it and like playing around with it to learn my skills further. My home internet connection is supplied by BT through a BT Fibreoptic internet connection - speed of around 38Mb/s Down and 5.5 Mb/s Up. I'd prefer a fast connection through the upload speeds personally mainly because I do a lot of Youtube videos

This is a picture of the room when I first finished putting in my flooring and painting it. I'm very geeky, but I like the wild and vivid colours of the room, it stops me getting bored and amazingly reflects the lights very well when I don't want it pointing directly in my face. The colours were mainly something for me to look at as I wanted something soft on the eye whilst I was working but something different too.


I have visions of all the IT equipment and the layout of the room how everything will be. The future setup will be a 24U server rack (floor-standing) behind me on the wooden floors. The house is quite old so have no idea on the strength but equal weight distribution should be fairly OK. There will be a tower aircon unit in the corner of the picture (left of my desk) to keep the room at an ambient and cool temperature. A work desk to the right of the desk, which holds all my tools and a network printer for printing documents and repairing other computers. Throughout the layout of the rest of the room I'll have some shelves to store my books etc.

The internet will eventually be supplied via a Draytek Vigor 2750N fibre-optic router. I don't like BT shite and nor do I want any of their equipment touching my household. I don't like people snooping on my home connection and being able to turn it off remotely I like doing my own diagnostics and troubleshooting (this doesn't stop BT packet sniffing me, but I prefer them not fucking on with my router when I least expect it)

If I decide to upgrade my internet, I'll either wait for FTTP from BT (probably over telephone poles) or get a dedicated leased line or FTTP installed directly to my household (probably FTTP since it is loads cheaper than a leased line). I'll get a BT Business Connection so I can run my own Business from home with a range of static IP's for a couple of other tasks (Personal Torrent Server == legal one ==, and probably a game server when I'm chilling out)

I'll be updating this post and probably other topics as I go along