Something about this site what most people don't know is that I do all the hosting and website design myself, which means I get the arse ache of all times when it comes to development and working on computer problems.

The perks of the job means I get complete control over everything what is integrated into my website and I'm not limited by disk space or hardware. The only things I have to be careful of is backups and protecting my home computer from attacks

Current specs of the "webserver" are as follows....

  • 160GB 10K RPM HDD
  • Quad Core AMD CPU (4 x 3GHz)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM

I design and update my website because I want to improve my knowledge and eventually move into hosting with real hardware, and if not, just for improving my knowledge for future job roles. Anyway, the actual software configured on this website is Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, IIS, SQLExpress, Coppermine, Wordpress, Zencart and whatever else I decide to throw on.

I don't just keep adding crap onto the site, I'm always looking at the configs and aiming to speed them up, because I want the load times low and the response times to be ultra fast. Currently my site scores around 65/100 on woorank and 93% and 90/87% on various sites for performance due to it's easy design

I'm always wanting to develop my skills, I can see things in my head but I'm rubbish at designing them.

Currently as a project I'm trying to develop a Windows Web Hosting Control Panel for my own personal server. I've checked out all the others, and they're amazing, but they're either expensive as hell or never seem to configure properly due to my sites unique configuration

Eventually I'm going to build a complete new server purely for web hosting and nothing else, either running on windows still or a custom version of linux with bare minimum configuration. I'd love my ISP to give me static IP's as dynamic IP's are a bastard for hosting.


Anyway, enough for now. I'll update more when I go