OK, suddenly my firefox decided it wanted to have a pissy fit and stop working. I used to have it setup so that whenever I opened a new tab in firefox it would default to my homepage whatever it was setup in the browser (for myself I had it setup as

Now whenever I opened a new firefox tab, I would receive an error message "The address isn't valid"


I suspected this was more than likely related to the recent virus attack on my PC and it had screwed up some of my settings. I checked out the forums and there is a fix for this suggested by someone which I thought I'd apply to my computer. Some people suggest disabling addons or extensions or checking settings but I don't really use that many add-ons in firefox so thought I'd get straight to it

SOLUTION (at least for myself)

  • Open up firefox, in the address bar type in about:config - see below address bar. It will either take you straight into the following screen where you can amend your settings. Or, you may receive an error message that you could void your warranty making changes to your PC. If you want to continue just click OK and it will take you to the below settings window.
  • In the "Search" field, type in "newtab" - this will then bring up the below entries
  • The value for "browser.newtab.url" is the value which opens your website on launching
  • The default value here for mine is about:newtab


  • Double click on this entry and it will bring up the window


  • Enter your new desired homepage address, and click OK. Your home page address will now be changed for your default startup tab on firefox. The changes should then be immediate and your problem resolved