How to setup, install and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL with Windows

For the purposes of this guide, I will assume the installations of the software are installed in the following directories to keep this guide simple and easy enough to understand for configuration.

Apache : c:\Apache2.2
MySQL : c:\MySQL
PHP : c:\PHP

There are multiple guides on the web for configuration of this software and how to set it up. Everyone has their own take on things and this guide is my own comprehensive resource which first acts as a point of reference for me should I ever need it again. Secondly it acts as a starting location for you if you're ever setting up your own webserver. Thus if you use my guide I appreciate you credit me as the original author as this is written in my own interpretation and designed in a way that I can understand. I've also commited countless hours and troubleshooting of research and development to get this guide working as it should be

Pre-requesites for usage of Apache and Windows




If at any point you have a problem with the configuration of the website or Apache not starting up I have wrote a guide on troubleshooting apache errors for the times I've came across multiple problems on this website and had to work out how to resolve them by researching online. Hope this helps make a comprehensive guide for first time users