ND53YTT - Maintenance Record

Article Date: 18/10/18
Vehicle Sold Date :

After the recent accident I suffered, my old car was completely totalled, needed something new

I don't intend on doing much to this car, but it has minor little bugs that I will end up wanting to repair to keep the vehicle running sweet whilst my insurance claim is being sorted

Only thing that bugs me about buying cars like this with no history, you've no idea how they have been maintained or looked after. So you either get a shitter or a gem. Judging by the work I've done so far, it's been looked after in an OK sense. However it clearly hasn't been driven like it should. After changing the plugs and giving the car a good arse-kicking (aka ragging the shit out of it in gear) it drives sweet now and picks up well.

As you can see with regards to this car, I spent a lot of money to maintain it where others have neglected it. The power band on this car doesn't start until around 4500, so you actually have to hold onto the revs in gears otherwise the car is gutless as shit outside of this rev range. When I first purchased it I was worried about the engine and drove it really low RPM everywhere and it was gutless. Now I've got a bit more confidence I actually drive it like all my other cars and it's responding better each time.

End of the day, if the engine blows up, it was a £500 piece of shit. I've owned Nissan's before and if you look after them maintenance wise, the engines go on forever so if I end up keeping the car for a while I will fix everything up so it's a good reliable car.

Mileage Date Type Description Cost
  /03/20 SALE The gearbox failed on the car whilst going to work 10/03/20. Couldn't get any gears (most likely thrust bearing / clutch failure). I decided it wasn't worth fixing up the car. A 2nd hand gearbox will cost £120, recon £450. I'm looking at buying a new car instead. Sold as scrap for collection  
    Repair Clutch purchased (Valeo), due to existing one slipping and being worn out  
    Repair Two new OEM Sensors purchased (237314M50B) - 1 x Crank Shaft Sensor, 1 x Cam Shaft Sensor. To be fitted to the car. The timing chain WASN'T stretched, and the car has been showing signs of failure due to random stalling and error codes. £144.58
112,788 01/02/20 Repair O-Rings and Gaskets Purchased for Engine (150665E510 x2 | 210494M500 x1 | 210494M510 x1 | 13510V720A x1) £21.93
112,383 13/01/20 MOT Annual MOT - Both front side light bulbs replaced, and passenger side ball joint replaced- This fixed the knocking on roundabouts £150.00
111,965 02/01/20 Maintenance Replaced the rear number plate light bulb with a 12V (501 5W Bulb) - Purchased a pack of 10 so now I have spares £2.89
111,288 01/11/19 Upgrade Interior map light bulb changed from festoon to 12V LED (38mm) £2.75
111,288 01/11/19 Upgrade Dual feed dashcam power supply switch installed running hardwiring kit £8.81
110,955 24/07/19 Upgrade Dashcam hardwiring kit installed, running from switched live +12v circuit £9.95
107,200 15/04/19 Recall Takata Airbag Recall (Carried out at Evans Halshaw Nissan Sunderland) - Fixed for free £0.00
104,747 28/01/19 MOT Annual MOT - No issues, car needed a couple of Tyres (actually only 1 but I purchased two as they were same axle) £144.00
102,900 23/11/18 Repair Snapped exhaust, new backbox and centre section purchased from EuroCarParts £64.46
102,759 20/11/18 Spare Parts Second hand Ignition Coils Purchased (Part Number : 224486N015) - Never fitted... but kept as spares £23.99
102,600 17/11/18 Service Spark plugs replaced with Denso Iridium Units (Part number : IK16 / 5303) - These fixed a bad misfire... and should last around 100k £20.78
101,520 18/10/18 PURCHASE Purchased vehicle from a local car sales place (DH Car Sales) £520.00
Previous Owner History
Please note, the below is history that was with the car prior to my purchase, I'm just recording it for information purposes for future owners if it gets lost and to document how this car has been maintained over it's life. I actually know one of the previous owners because I work with them, not sure about the others as I believe there's another 4 more
93,816 21/01/17 MOT Annual MOT, work involved replacement of front brake pads and discs. A new track rod end, SKF wheel bearing, and a new front exhaust £310.89
89,024 21/01/16 MOT    
  05/07/16 Repair Supply and fit N/S/F head lamp £168.00
77,994 13/01/15 MOT    
68,599 21/01/14 MOT    
62,291 25/01/13 MOT Annual MOT, NSF tyre worn close to legal limit  
55,530 17/01/12 MOT    
49,314 21/01/11 MOT Annual MOT, OSF and NSF brakes wearing thin  
42,308 28/01/10 MOT Annual MOT, OSR and NSR brakes wearing thin  
34,679 24/01/09 MOT    
25,151 26/01/08 MOT    
19,152 31/01/07 MOT    
   Total Maintenance Costs : £403.23 = £26.88 per month maintenance
Total Upgrade Costs : £21.65
Time : 1 years, 5 months
Total Mileage driven since purchasing car: 12,863 miles

Total Money Spent on Car + Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades: £966.81

CURRENT FAULTS / ISSUES (Or future jobs to do)

These are all the current jobs on my car I want to do that are pissing me off since I purchased it, so want to fix to get the car into a reliable condition