Article Date: 02/04/18

The purpose of this page, is to provide information on the car I own (or owned).

This is so that if you find this page, and you need to know exactly what products to buy for it, the information is already here for you. If you stumble across this page searching for information on your car. It probably will be similar if not the same. I have populated some information using the info from the Wikipedia Page (Mainly engine / Vehicle data), the rest is my own compilation

If I have made any significant upgrades (such as changing factory parts to upgraded models - I will include the original and revised figures)

Vehicle Technical Data Vehicle Model Volkswagen Golf GT TDI 140 Sport
Chassis Code 1K1
Engine Code BKD (Produced 2003 - 2008)
Engine Power Output (138hp / 140PS, 103kw) @ 4000rpm
(320Nm / 236 lb-ft) @ 1750-2500rpm
Engine Capacity 1986cc - 4 Cylinder - 16 Valve - Diesel
Emissions 146g/km
Gearbox Code GRF (6-Speed FWD Manual Transmission)
Top Speed 203km/h (126mph)
0-60 Acceleration 9.3 seconds
Vehicle Fluids Engine Coolant  
  Engine Oil 3.8 Litres (505.01 Oil Spec) - I normally use 5W/30 Mobil1 ESP
  Gearbox Oil  
  Brake Fluid  
Wheels Front 205/55/16 91V
Rear 205/55/16 91V
Brakes (Front) Disc Size Diameter : 288mm (If your car is a "GTI" Model it's usually 312mm)
Thickness : 25mm
PCD : 112mm
Type : Vented
Brake Pad Size Drivers Side (with wear sensor)
Width : 155.1mm
Height : 66mm
Thickness : 20.3mm

Passenger Side (w/out wear sensor)
Width : 156.1mm
Height : 71.3mm
Thickness 20.3mm
Caliper Make Teves (Also known as ATE)
Brakes (Rear) Disc Size Diameter : 255mm (If your car is a "GTI" Model it's usually 282mm)
Thickness : 10mm
PCD : 112mm
Type : Solid
  Brake Pad Size  
  Caliper Make