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Article Date: 18/08/18

I decided to write this article as an addition to my steering rack identification guide that I made.

If you would like (or need to) purchase any bolts mentioned in this article, or for any VAG based car, I'd like to recommend the following supplier through eBay. I've found that Vagbolts can supply all the nuts and bolts you need so if you ever need to do repairs they can source them for you.

The link above is an affiliate link, so I appreciate any purchases made because it helps me out :)

This information is specific to the data taken from my car (MK5 Golf – 1K Chassis) – 2004 Build Date. It was fitted with a Gen2 Steering Rack. Some part numbers will be a different variation or newer variation (letters change at the end), and some parts won’t exist, this is just to help you identify bolts, and their position or what they’re for because when you buy them from VW, you get all the bolts, but there’s virtually no way to identify them other than their thickness and size, this hopefully should make it a bit easier for you.

The steering rack is normally purchased as a complete assembly, so some of these bolts specifically on the rack aren’t important because you will need to purchase them individually to repair your rack, as you won’t be able to get them at a dealer.

If you spot any errors please use the contact me link on my website and I’ll fix asap

If you would like to download this webpage as a .pdf file to print or view, you can access it using this link.
I recommend using the pdf file because it's a higher quality