Audi A3 ABS Wear Sensor Repair

Article Date: 25/02/2022


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Tools I used replace the Front Brakes on the Audi A3

Tools for repairing ABS wear pad sensor


ABS Pad wear repair kit

This is the repair kit I used for my car. I've purchased these a few times from H2F Connectors on eBay. Each one is well built, and just works. They're also cheap around £7.99 each normally.

He sells both of the repair kits too, there's one for the OEM harness (part number is 1J0973802) ** This is the kit used for this article ** and the one from the brake pad wear sensor itself (1J0973702), you can buy both of them from him. I used both of these kits when I carried out the repair on my VW Golf MK5

How I changed the Front Brake Discs, Pads and Calipers on my Audi A3

Jack up the car first and put on Axle stands. No pictures for this, but it should be fairly obvious

Broken Wire Safety First

Connector Point Suspension

Stripping wires on loom for repair ABS Harness Bad Wiring Strip wires on repair kit

Repaired wire with heatshrink

ABS repair kit pin out Repair kit pinout with wire colours

Repair kit for ABS wires joined up

Repaired ABS wear sensor wiring

Providing your car has been repaired, you should receive no warning. If the warning appears, either something has become undone (unplugged from the connector, wires no longer joined) or there's a poor connection. In which case you may be unable to repair it, but at least rectify the error using the below steps that I carried out. This gives you time to properly repair or investigate it


ABS Wear Sensor - Amended Fix

The wires on my loom were too badly corroded to carry out the repair successfully. After I joined the wires, the car carried out another check but ended up tripping the alarm again. In order to remove the alarm, I twisted the wires together, added some heat shrink over the joined wires and then zip tied it to the loom harness itself. This will at least prevent the wires having any further corrosion and keep them waterproof. I need to purchase a new loom in order to have an effective repair due to poor quality wiring. I did this because I knew my car was coming up for an MOT and it gets rid of the fault code light for the test. I then just have to carry out the repair at a later date at my own convenience


Either way, your car should now be repaired :-)