Air Filter Replacement in an Audi A3

Article Date: 02/04/21

Tools required to replace air filter in Audi A3

Tools required for air filter removal Audi A3

Consumables required to replace Air Filter in Audi A3

OEM compatible air filter for Audi A3 from Crossland part number 502440618

This procedure is for the BKD Engine - the filter element in my car is 70mm(H) x 136mm(W) x 345mm (L). It's always worth checking your engine bay, as they tend to vary between models before you purchase your own filter to make sure you have the right one.


Procedure to replace air filter in Audi A3

This task is so easy you could probably complete it before you had time to boil a kettle. Now there's a challenge, try boiiling the kettle and seeing if you can complete the replacement before it boils.

Air Filter screw locations Audi A3 Air Filter comparison between old and new for Audi A3


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