Audi A3 Front Brake Replacement

Article Date: 25/02/2022


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Tools to replace the Front Brakes on the Audi A3

Tools Overview Tools Close Up 2 Tools Close Up 1

Rather than list individual tools on Amazon, I've found a cheap toolkit for £60.74, which has the tools needed for the job with the exception of a breaker bar. Although cars have wheel wrenches for this.

The toolkit I use is a Halfords 200 piece one. I don't mind spending money on tools because I know these ones are tested by Mechanics (but it's a £300 kit) - This one to be exact (non affiliate link) :o(


The reason I purchased these items is because I wanted to overhaul as much of the braking system as possible. I was unsure about the current state of the brake pistons because they car was relatively new to me, and didn't want the system unbalanced. Plus it means I can refurbish my old ones with something like a Bigg Red caliper repair kit, and always have some spares. I paid £70 for two calipers, if you buy them from places like Eurocarparts, they're normally about £70 and you have to give your old one in exchange.

How I changed the Front Brake Discs, Pads and Calipers on my Audi A3

Safety First

Brake Line Clamp

Disk Locator Screw

Slider Pin Size Slider Hex

Caliper Carrier Bolt Size Caliper Carrier Bolt

Banjo Bolt Spanner

New Brake Caliper Brake Caliper Part Number

Ferodo Discs 312mm Part Number Ferodo Pads Ferodo Pads Part Number

Wire Brush Carriers Metal File Caliper Carriers Cleaning Caliper Carrier

Grease Pads

Old Brakes New Brakes Fitted

Additional Steps (Not pictured)

How to bleed the brakes

This is required if you expose the system to air (e.g changing the calipers). You don't need to do this method if you have just changed the discs and pads.
Here are both methods. The pressure bleeder method is better as the brake piston doesn't travel as far and it's faster and simpler to do.

1 man brake bleeding method

As a note, when bleeding calipers, you are meant to bleed in order of furthest from brake booster --> closest to brake booster. In a UK right hand drive vehicle, this is normally the following bleed order.

2 man brake bleeding method


Until your brakes are bed in, they will feel quite weak when braking your car. To evenly bed them in apply gentle pressure when braking for about the first 50 miles, then gradually apply more and more pressure each time. After around 100 miles, my Ferodo pads started to bite (I've done nearly 400 now, and they're still not fully bed in yet). I'm trying to maximise the bedding in so wearing down the pads gradually. After they're starting to bite harder, then apply more pressure from higher speeds. Until then approach with caution at junctions, and brake earlier than you normally would


Congratulations, you've carried out a brake disc, pad and caliper change on your car