Audi A3 Front Wiper Replacement

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Article Date: 19/05/21


Equipment needed for replacing the Wipers on the Audi A3

You will need to buy a set of Wiper Blades - My car uses the PINCH GRIP TYPE on the picture below. You will need to research the type yours uses before buying

Pinch Grip Wiper Blades



Replacing the Wiper blades on the Audi A3

This procedure shows you how to replace the Wiper blades on an Audi A3, it incorporates putting the wipers into the service position. Also how to replace the wipers which are a pinch grip type. There are various forms of wiper which can be fitted to most cars. So you will need to check what each version is. To replace the wipers, you will need an appropriate kit. The drivers side wiper is 24" and the passenger side wiper is 19"

Switching on ignition Audi A3Turning off ignition Audi A3

Wiper level up positionWiper lever down position Audi A3

Audi A3 service position view from OutsideAudi A3 service position view from Inside

Pinch grip Wipers on Audi A3

Replacing wipers on Audi A3Replaced wipers clipping back on Audi A3

Ignition swich turn to live Audi A3Stalk press on Audi A3 turning off service positionWipers down after replacing Audi A3


Your wipers have now been replaced on the Audi A3, use the windscreen washers to test them out and make sure you haven't fitted them incorrectly