Audi A3 Handbrake Cable Replacement (including Guide tubes)

Article Date: 28/02/2022


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This isn't a "how to" guide like I normally prefer to write, because quite simply I did it the fastest way what works for me. I've been doing a lot of work on the car lately, and honestly couldn't be bothered to do it the proper way as I'd been working two full days non stop and had numerous problems to deal with. I didn't remove the centre console as it was more screws. I opted for a faster method of cutting the carpet on the car. The majority of it will be hidden and I can use carpet glue and a black spray to cover up the damage anyway. This document is just intended as a guide so you have points of reference if you're stuck.

If you get stuck, you can also refer to my guide on "How to replace handbrake cables in a MK5 Golf", this may help you if you're unsure what to do.

Tools I used to replace the handbrake cables

Tools to replace handbrake overview Tools to replace handbrake close up 1 Tools to replace handbrake close up 2

Part numbers for handbrake cable replacement

Please note, the only parts actually required are the Guide tubes, I wanted new Springs / Clips too aswell, so I've added them below if needed. The below numbers are the prices I paid at VW Durham UK. I've also added other part numbers you may find useful if you're thinking of doing the work yourself

Handbrake cables video Audi A3

How I replaced the handbrake cables in my Audi A3

Vehicle safety

Handbrake lowered

Guide tubes VW / Audi Broken Grommet Old vs New Handbrake

Old compensator Underbody handbrake screw Underbody guard

Underbody Guard Pop Rivet Underbody Guard Removal

Rear seat removed

Removed body panel Body panel clips Seatbelt Holder Body Clips

Lifted carpet Lifted body insulation

Grommet part number guide tubes Guide tube routing Silicone grease tube

Handbrake fitted into caliper

Replacement clips Handbrake Clip

Handbrake springs

Greased handbrake grommet Greased grommet on handbrake cable Handbrake cable fitted

Routed handbrake cables

Balanced handbrake cable

Handbrake Stop


The handbrake is adjusted automatically on your car. When you first replace the cables however you have to do a manual adjustment to set it up. This is the procedure


Here's some videos that may help you too, and the aftermath after I cut up my carpet. For the carpet I'm planning on using some glue / spray to set it down, then using some hair spray with fibres so it looks more OEM, or a stiff metal brush to scratch the hairs and covers it more. Some people may not like this approach, but it worked for me. Removing the centre console will make it easier but it involved taking more of the car apart I didn't want to.


Refitted carpet