How to change the Oil and Filter in an Audi A3 BKD

Article Date: 02/04/21

Tools needed for Oil and Filter Change

Tools needed to change Oil on Audi A3 and BKD Engines Halfords Toolbox 200 pieces


All the tools I use to work on my car are part of my Halfords 200 Piece Ratchet and Spanner Kit - I complemented this kit with the Spanner Set.

This is the kit I use when working on the car, as it covers pretty much all the jobs the home mechanic will do. If you can afford it, I highly recommend them. Plenty of mobile mechanics use the kits and they come with a Lifetime Warranty too. (It's best to buy them for Black Friday), Halfords knock the price down. If you want to read about the above tool kits, here's the non affiliate links

Consumables required for service

If you need to buy any of the parts, you can use the following AFFILIATE links to buy them SUMP PLUG and WASHER for £3.25, OIL FILTER only for £9.48 or the OIL and FILTER kit for £36.98 on eBay




Steps to replace the Oil and Oil Filter in an Audi A3 and VW Golf MK5 (BKD Engine)

First, take the car for a quick 5-10 min drive to heat up the engine. You will never replace the all of the old Oil, but a warm engine helps the Oil flow and will get out as much as possible. By the time you get out the tools it should be cool enough to work on.

Always remember to use an Axle Stand Removing the rear T30 screws on under sump guard Removing the sump guard T20 Screws on an Audi A3

Placing an Oil Catch can for an Oil Change Sump Plug location on Audi A3 BKD Removing Oil Sump on a BKD Engine with a 19mm Socket

Final Steps

I previously wrote an old guide (slightly inaccurate) for my Golf which you can download as PDF if you'd like to read it