Audi A3 Pollen Filter Replacement

Article Date: 08/07/22


This guide is written for people who own an 8P1 Sportback Audi A3, it could differ slightly from model to model, but the procedures should be very similar on most cars


Tools to replace pollen filter

Why replace your pollen filter? What does it do? What are the sympoms of a bad pollen filter?

The pollen filter cleans out the air entering your car from the Air Filter housing. This filters any dirt and pollen out, so you're only breathing clean air from outside. It's useful for people who have allergies too because it means they can drive without interference. It also improves the performance of your aircon system because there's no blockages. Carbon filters help to remove ozone, exhaust and odorous gases, so these are generally better and more expensive than regular pollen filters.

Generally they normally need replacing when airflow is weak from the fans, or a bad smell because of bacteria on the filter. Another thing is if your windows are misted on the inside. Other possible causes can be your allerrgies becoming worse, or a whistling in the air vents.

How often should you replace a the Audi A3 pollen filter?

If you want to stick by maintenance it's usually every 2 years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). For simplicity, change it when you change your air filter. If that's once a year do it. They're cheap enough.

Method to replace pollen filter

You should be able to change the pollen filter without removing the glovebox, if you need to do this however, I've included the steps to do it below too. This is under a seperate section

Removing the Glovebox

If you need to remove the glovebox in your Audi A3 here are the steps, some reference pictures first

Does your glovebox droop at one side on your Audi A3?

I had a look whilst taking these pictures. This is a common fault, a proper solution hasn't been figured out yet (from what I can recall) just workarounds. I knew of the issue, but not what caused it, this here is the prolem.

The mechanism doesn't fully retract, I suspect it'snot supporting the weight of it properly. As it gets older it deteriorates. You can test this by pushing the hinge back towards the engine bay, it should lift your lid. I'll be writing another article when I fix mine too. I have an idea on fixing it, possibly either a stronger spring, or some form of brace