Replacement of the Audi A3 rear wiper motor

Article Date: 16/07/22

This guide is aimed to help people with replacing the rear window wiper motor in their Audi A3. These motors are prone to seizing up and being potential fire hazards in the car. So if your wiper is broken, I recommend unplugging the connector (or pulling the fuse), until it's repaired to prevent any risk of it catching fire or shorting out until it can be repaired.

My camera batteries ran out when taking these pictures, so some are missing. This should fill in the blanks however.

Tools Required for rear wiper motor replacement

Part Numbers for Audi A3 rear wiper system

These are the part numbers for the rear wiper setup on my Audi A3 Sportback, that you will most likely need to replace. Or be the ones you will probably look for

Part numbers will be the same if not similar if you have a different model. It will give you a head start if you need to look them up or compare

Please note, the links on the items (linking to eBay) are affiliate links, it helps support my website, so if you need to buy the products I appreciate your consideration in using them, it gives me a share in the revenue from purchasing them. I've also listed the prices I paid for the products (where appropriate), incase you want to buy directly from the Dealer

Wiper Arm Nut N01508315 £1.99 OEM Dealer Part / Price
Wiper Arm Grommet 8P4955758 £4.77 OEM Dealer Part / Price
Wiper Arm 8E9955407    
Wiper Arm Cover 8E9955205    
Wiper Motor 8E9955711 £34.95 eBay price - Dealer is ~£120
Wiper Motor Mounting Nuts N90714303    
Washer Jet 8E9955985 £14.66 OEM Dealer Part / Price
Boot Lid Cover Screws N90775001    
Lid Spring Clips 4B0867276A   Use part 4A0867276B on 2-door models

Steps on replacing the rear wiper motor

Screws requiring to be removed Boot lid screws removed Screws removed

Remove the cap for lights Remove interior covers

Alignment of lid Boot lid Spring clips

Removing washer arm cover cap Wiper arm nut old 13mm socket for wiper arm

Removal of wiper arm Splines on wiper arm close up Wiper arm removed

Washer pipe Washer pipe clip Disconnected washer pipe clip

Motor power connector 10mm socket and ratchet Old wiper motor fitted

Grommet through windscreen Old vs new grommets side by side Grommet should be inserted with writing facing into boot

Wiper motors old vs new Exposed wiper motor The car needed to pee

View after inserting wiper motor through grommet Wiper arm alignment

Old washer jet removedOld vs new washer jet comparison Washer jet and nut exposed

Wiper arm mounted Wiper arm orientation on Audi A3 Wiper arm replaced on audi a3

Disconnected cover cap Rear washer jets should be visible after replacing cover cap

Spring clip insertion point Spring clip insertion point Spring insertion point