How to replace a fuel filter on a Golf MKV

Article Date: 29/12/14


No pictures taken as yet. My car recently hit over 70,000 miles. There was no sign of any fuel filters being replaced, and they're meant to be changed every 10-20k anyway (although that's really how crap your fuel is going into car)

Anyway, purchased a full set of genuine filters after going to VW and fitted them to the car

There are multiple methods for pre-filling the filter (VAGCOM, MityVAC, Fuel Can), I'm showing the DIY method if you don't have access to higher end tools. This is a basic guide and is by no means comprehensive, but more will be added as I go into detail with it



  1. Fill up a canister of fuel
  2. Pop the engine bay
  3. Undo the 5 x T30 screws around the edge of the fuel filter
  4. Lift the top cover
  5. Remove the old filter from the housing
  6. Using a turkey baster, remove all the remaining fluid out
  7. Replace the filter and seals
  8. Put a new O-Ring around the housing of the filter
  9. Pre-fill the filter to the top with fuel from the canister
  10. Tighten the 5 x T30 screws tightly to hold the filter in place and to prevent leaks
  11. Turn the ignition to live 3 times on the car (Without starting it) to prime the pump
  12. Start the engine - and leave it to run for 5 - 10 mins to clear out any air locks