How to change the Oil in a VW Golf MK5

Tools Required to change the Oil in a VW Golf MK5

• Car Jack
• Screwdriver
• 19mm Socket or Spanner
• T25 / T30 Torx (sockets, screwdrivers or bits)
• Ratchet with Extension Bar and Universal Joint with 32mm socket
• Oil Container and Rags

Additionally, it's best to have the following two specialist tools. You can do this procedure manually if you don't

• Laptop

What items do you need to change the Oil in a MK5 Golf

• Engine Oil ( My choice was Mobil1 ESP 5w/30)
• Oil Filter and O-Ring (I used a genuine OEM Filter – 071115562C)
o Alternative filters can be from manufacturers like Guttmann – part no: 501440281
• Sump Plug and Washer
• Copper Grease (optional – to aid fitting of sump plug and future removal)