How to change a broken wiper arm on a VW Golf MKV

Article Date: 29/12/14

One of the common problems I've had for a while, just never got around to. The plastic housing holding the wiper arm for the rear of my Golf snapped off in a bad winter. Probably from stress cracks and cold temperatures. Plus it didn't help when I sometimes tried to use the wiper when it hadn't fully de-thawed

Anyway, purchased a new wiper arm, blade and cap from Volkswagen (mine still had the nut on) and replaced it, job only took around 5 mins (10 if you count the mistake I made, which I will mention here)

Tools Required for Wiper replacement

Parts Required for Wiper Change

Procedure to replace wiper blade

  1. Loosen 13mm nut still held on the rear wiper motor (assuming you still have it, if not replace)
  2. Fit the wiper blade arm (make sure it's orientated pointing to the right - see below)
  3. When you fit the wiper blade arm, align the arm with the lowest heated line on the window
  4. Tighten the 13mm nut down on the wiper blade (torque values to be added) - nip it tight
  5. Clip the wiper blade into the arm, there is a small hooked section. Slide the locking pin and let it clip in place
  6. Replace the cap on the boot

All should be carried out and the wiper arm should be replaced with a working wiper