Timing Belt Inspection from PX54WWT - VW Golf MK5

Article Date: 16/12/14

Following the service history recording and blog article that I wrote for the timing belt change that I had carried out by a specialist garage on my car at 73,472 miles. I decided to upload some pictures of the original equipment that was removed from the vehicle and what was replaced as part of my timing belt kit.

I'm not going to explain much here, these are just some quick pictures to show the quality of the parts that were removed from my car when I had the timing belt job carried out. All the original parts removed (bar waterpump) were made by Contitech (Belts) and Ina (Engine Parts). The exact same parts are received with the kit I purchased for the car

Part Number : 03G198119B (Timing Belt Kit)


Part Number : 03G109244 (Audi VW 2.0 TDI Cam Timing Belt Roller)

Part Number : 03G109243 (Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley)

Outer Diameter [mm] : 67,5 / Width [mm] : 36


Part Number : 038109244J (Timing Belt Idler Roller)


Part Number : 03G903137B (Alternator V Belt)


This isn't a full selection of the photos, but just a quick overview of the main parts that were removed