The home page for all my DIY Projects

Article Date: 01/01/19
Last Update : 23/01/21

Just a quick update to this page, I will be able to start working on my projects this year. I've now found a new job, so can focus on developing them. I can actually start updating the content on this page .


I work on projects from time to time, this helps keep my brain moving and thinking constantly about new challenges and new research. I've tried to categorise them for ease of use

The content on this page will be divided into two sectionrs. HTML (the article link, showing final pictures + materials), Blog post (incase I want to discuss it further). The HTML content is priarmily for a showcase of the project, the Blog will be the discussion side (at least until I migrate the site to HTML5 + CSS then my opinion might change. It depends how it works together

I'm self taught so have to learn lots of new things, which is why I enjoy the project, it gives me new experience

Some of these projects are ones I'd like to do, and some are ones I'm already doing. I tend to just have a lot of projects, and then simply switch between them all to keep my mind active

There are commercial products already on the market, however I'd have to disassemble them to figure out how they work. By researching it and building it myself, I'm teaching myself how to build the circuits, what components to use, things I need to consider to build a working circuit and different things I normally wouldn't have learned otherwise

It may always seem like I'm doing nothing with these projects, sometimes I'm not. I have a full time job, so work on these projects in my spare time, my updates can take weeks/months before they're ready to post, and quite frankly I hit a lot of problems with these projects, because I have to research the theory behind how things work to get them made. OR I run out of funding to do it, so have to save up some pennies. Real life always takes priority. These are just fun things to me. It takes my mind off problems in my real-life when I want to unwind and challenge myself

I'll only post the links to the actual projects once the articles are completed. This is so people get to read the article when it's complete and not under work, and also because it allows me to protect my designs.

This page is scarce, mainly because I haven't updated it in a while. Real life takes priority for everything before fun.

There's actually around 100+ projects that I'm working on (offline). Most of the time is spent researching, and drawing the schematics for them. I'm at the point with most of them, where I need a job to fund them :/

The research / design phase is always the longest I've found with the projects. In terms of building, I'm quite confident in my Welding, Electronics, Building abilities. So not worried about how long it will take to make something. It's just the complexities in order to build them what take me forever to do.

My pet RFID scanner for example. I only knew basic Electronics. so never actually understood how simple things like LCD's work, or how exactly the signals are transmitted. How to generate the resonance frequencies. It's all new to me.

The main project I'm focussing on below is the Car Head Unit. I'm building one from the ground up. Picking components, etc. The main challenge is this is trying to figure out how to get the functions to work. I have a desire to use Linux with it, but I need to learn how to write my own custom features. More learning!




Weather Station


Power Steering Rack Tester (VAG / Volkswagen)
Car Head Unit


Lab Bench Power Supply




RFID Chip Scanner for Animals