I am using this portion of the site as proof of my knowledge, skills and experience. I don't have official qualifications against my name because I've always found studying for exams difficult. It's a personal goal over the years that I intend on getting but qualifications mean nothing without proof of knowledge to back them up. What I have done over the years however is build up practical troubleshooting knowledge and experience which I am always working on improving.

DATE: 06/02/13
PERSON : Val Walton (Peterlee)
"My laptop computer, a rather elderly HP Compaq nx9110, came down with a really nasty and stubborn virus. It disabled my anti-virus software, wouldn't let me install an alternative and compromised my online banking so that the bank had to put a block on. I had no idea how to repair it, but Andrew saw my plea for help and offered to sort it out for me. I wasn't very hopeful, in fact I'd come near to throwing it through the window, but although it was a very stubborn virus Andrew was even more stubborn, even when it kept coming back! After several days of perseverance he returned my laptop to me clean and with improved anti-virus software, and now it's running sweetly with no problems. Thank you Andrew, you are my hero!!"